The Zodiac Books 1-3 Boxed Set

by Paul Sating

Three fast-paced urban fantasy novels full of attitude in this box set, featuring demons, angels, magic, mythology, non-stop action, and a side order of chicken wings!

Grab the first three novels of the series that take you to Hell and back. Over 600 pages of supernatural action!

Hi. I’m Ezekial, Zeke to my friends, Sunstone, the only demon in the history of the Underworld without magic. Lucky me, right?


What happens when you have one friend and no magic? You get hired by Lucifer’s Council to find and return one of Hell’s most powerful magic users, of course! Talk about a snowball’s chance.


Yeah, Aries did not kill me. What is my reward? Lucifer’s Council is sending me, my best friend, and Hell’s biggest jerk to the Eighth Circle to steal a powerful magical item from an influential demon. Oh, and survive, preferably.

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Category: Dark Fantasy