The Wolf Rider

by Merick N. H. Ulrik

Aylene was taken from her own and thrown into a world with the Ulverstete. The giant wolf-creatures known as the Ulverstete serve the elves but little do they know they face a terrifying evil that seeks their destruction.

Aylene and her Ulverstete brother Hatalmas must fight against the forces of the Blood Queen and gain the aid of mythical weapons and magical powers to survive.

This is Epic, Dark Fantasy, with Mythical Creatures and Sword and Sorcery with explicit Adult situations that do not fade to grey. This story will further develop the world of Dalantia ruled by the Blood Queen, in her rule of terror! This takes place forty years before “Brothers of Chaos”


“Love the book very adventurous. If you enjoy a page turner and a thrilling read you will definitely enjoy this book. There are so many different characters good and bad.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery