The Witching Well

by Shelley Dorey

The Book Club meets Hocus Pocus in this paranormal women’s fantasy!
Kicked to the curb after twenty years of marriage, the run-down resort Shannon inherits is a lifeline — a lifeline that’s also wonderfully weird and magical.
A wishing well in the middle of the forest? Witches, hexes, and spells are real?
But magic has a steep learning curve.
Spells go off the rails; it happens. Sometimes you end up turning your best friend into a sex addict. Other times, a revenge spell on your Ex, boomerangs back to bite you in the ass.
While she’s trying to figure this out, a handsome developer plots to acquire her enchanted resort.
Shannon is going to need all the magic that the little wishing well showers on her and then some.
Witching Well is a story of a woman thrown into the deep end who surfaces, claiming her power with some help from her friends…and of course, magic.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban