The Witch & the Bounty Hunter

by Rachel Medhurst

What happens when I, an impoverished human, finds out I’m actually a witch from an ancient line that’s almost died out? Not a lot – until twin sorcerers Tinniel and Nazeriah request an audience.

An audience? Who do they think I am? Royalty? Not only that, I, Lyla Ford, would never entertain the idea of magic, let alone the request to become a tracker for the two paranormal bounty hunters who work for the Federation of Magic.

Once thrown into the world of paranormal, there’s no denying its existence. Especially since one of the twins is devastatingly handsome and rather persuasive.

When Tinniel goes missing, a compulsion to find him overtakes, forcing me to work with the Federation. Something about the organisation tells me that if I don’t do as I’m told, the ancient line I descend from will die out again. With my brutal, bloody murder.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban