The Witch Beneath The Earth

by Will Wraxall

A murdered witch in Riga, Latvia. A mythical sword buried for millennia in the Orkney Islands. And a group of ancient spirits that want both uncovered. But how are they connected? And who is behind the murder?

Tasked with finding out is teenage witch Electra Flex. Broken by depression and grieving her mum’s death, she is devoid of direction, rent money, and magic.

As the bodies pile up, something dark and vengeful emerges from the shadows, a magical creature of destruction long thought extinct. If Electra can’t find a way to fix her malfunctioning magic, then she and her friends will be corpses before they can locate the relic that might save them: Excalibur.

Ancient mythology. Black Ops witches. Epic urban fantasy.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban