The Wish

by Lena Gibson

Three men. Two timelines. One wish.

Haunted by her choices, including marrying an abusive con man, thirty-five-year-old Elizabeth has been unable to speak for two years. She is further devastated when she learns an old boyfriend has died. Nothing in her life is right.

That night, Elizabeth wishes for a mulligan. When she wakes, to her surprise, it is no longer 2022, but 2017. Though thrilled to have a chance to fix mistakes, the past is not perfect. She has a stalker and is still voiceless. Just like before, her boyfriend slips into a mysterious coma, so she enlists his brother Christopher’s aid to determine the cause. In their investigation, he becomes her staunchest ally and her unexpected soulmate.

Elizabeth’s stalker threatens her happiness, as do those who wish secrets to remain buried. If she can’t reclaim her voice, her ex will die and her stalker may claim her life.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban