The Wing Collector

by Kristi Helvig

A faerie. A serial killer. A race to save her kind from extinction.

When a pair of faerie wings fetch big bucks in an online auction, half-human/half-faerie Lila Kincade realizes her kind aren’t just oppressed—they’re hunted.

In this dark urban fantasy, Lila lives in a world where faeries are required to bind their wings in order to look like everyone else. Her fear of being discovered results in a pathetic social life and unfashionable clothing options—fitted tops just don’t provide adequate wing coverage. Lila values her safety above everything else, at least until the day new kid Ash Cooper shows up in class and she finds that some things are worth the risk.

After photos of dismembered wings appear in her locker, Lila soon discovers she is the serial killer’s prime target. As faerie corpses pile up around her, Lila must stop the killer before she becomes the next victim.

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Category: Dark Fantasy