The Will Of The Strid

by Kingsley M. Hobson

When misery is traded for magic, the cost is meeting your fate.

For centuries Myrriheem has been imprisoned within the time-meddling caverns known as the Strid. But a grave mistake has weakened the cage around his ruinous evil.

Only Storn can prevent his escape and the return of his poisonous vengeance.

In exchange for a new power and a way out of misery, Storn joins a quest to renew the binding magic of the Strid and mend the errors of the old prophetess. To fail will mean war and suffering.

The captive is luring allies. Discontent grows among the people. Storn has only one chance to reckon with family, restore an ancient blade, and stop the terror foretold.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age