The Wharf Rat Guild

by Elizabeth Forest

Never trust anyone without a gift. That’s the motto of fifteen-year-old Lizzie Nelson, a wharf rat in a Restoration London much like our own. The other rats call her “Lucky Lizzie,” even though her parents are dead, her brother Daniel is missing, and there’s a price on her head. But her gift, seeing the future, has saved her life.

It’s 1662, Charles II rules, and in this England, only children develop supernatural powers called gifts, growing out of them if they manage to survive to adulthood. The Nobility covet gifted children, sending trackers to capture them. Lord Hazelton is the worst of them all: children abducted for him are never seen again. Hazelton has heard of Lizzie’s visions and wants her for his own. Her luck may have just run out.

After she forms the Wharf Rat Guild, for mutual protection Lizzie must go in pursuit to rescue one of their own, facing the worst Nob of all.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure