The Weapon Takers Saga

by Jamie Edmundson

Dagger. Staff. Sword. Bow. Shield. Spear. Cloak.

An epic quest to find the seven weapons of Madria before the forces of Ishari plunge all of Dalriya into darkness. The complete epic fantasy series.

Reviews from amazon readers:

***** “An all-round epic tale from the beginning with great characters and world building. Full of action and adventure. Would definitely recommend it for everyone who loves their fantasy of epic proportions.”

***** “The final book of The Weapon Takers Saga was a fitting end to a tale of vast scope. I was engaged throughout the series and now wish for more tales of the friends I encountered reading these tales.”

***** “This review is for the entire series. It’s truly an epic saga of strength, hope, love and sacrifice. There’s even a bit of romance, but more than anything it was a great adventure. I’m looking forward to more from this author.”

Previously $9.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic