The Wayward Mage: The Adventures of Jack Wartnose

by A. S. Norris

Jack Wartnose, a mage by trade, is on the hunt for the elusive, ancient Tome of Time. Tensions are already running hot within his party, with months of searching and little to show for it. Then, a chance encounter one night has him reuniting with his childhood love after almost twenty years. As if that was not the biggest surprise of his life, he finds out he fathered a son with her! Now forced to marry her and take his new family along for the quest, Jack Wartnose has to contend with not only learning to be a husband and father, but also mutinous party members, undead assassins, and more skeletons from his past he wished had stayed dead and buried.

Action, adventure, humor, romance, bar fights, drunken singing, monsters, desperate escapes, twists and turns…all of this and more! Don’t miss out!

Previously $5.99

Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery