The Waterboy

by Talena Winters

One mistake could seal his fate…

Zale Teague grew up thinking he was an ordinary boy—until the day he called lightning from the skies and caused an explosion with horrific results. Now, at only eleven, he’s fleeing his terrifying new merman powers and the mistake he’ll never forget.

When a Romani clan takes him in, he thinks he’s found a way to protect his loved ones from disaster… until his past catches up to him. Will Zale ever find redemption, or must he keep running forever?

The Waterboy novella is the standalone origin story of Zale, the first undine male (merman) born in over three thousand years, and takes place five years before Book 1 of the young adult epic fantasy Rise of the Grigori series, The Undine’s Tear. Join merfolk, sphinxes, dragons, and humans in a search for redemption that will determine the fate of the world . . . they just don’t all know it yet.

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Category: Christian Fantasy