The Wastelander: Book 1 of the Godsfall Chronicles

by Tipsy Wanderer

In a desperate world…

…nobody can be trusted.

Can one scavenger make a difference?

Cloudhawk learned early on that to survive, one must be cautious. People would as soon kill you for dinner as say, “Hello.” All but the strongest die young. He’s made it to fourteen and intends to keep fighting, because he dreams of more.

It was only a story.

Told by a crazy old man.

Could the Elysian lands be real?

The Wastelands, a post-apocalyptic nuclear desert, where friendships are few and battles for even the most meager of supplies, are to the death. Cloudhawk must cross a land of meta humans, mutants and beasts to reach the old man’s mythical land. A fool’s journey, if he hadn’t found the stone.

What are its powers?

Will it keep him alive?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure