The Warplands

by Joshua Bayard

Witches, fairies, and deranged outcast cultists roam the Warplands. Nothing wholesome survives those accursed stains on creation.

Else Whitmore of Gulvin, the charming daughter of a merchant, and her shy younger brother, Denin, are among the least equipped to escape such a hostile place. But when a mad magician confronts their caravan on the road, Else and Denin are wrenched from their comfortable lives and forced to try.

Unfortunately for the siblings, the deadly Warplands are only the beginning of their problems. Else must decide whether a handsome but unholy warrior can be trusted. Denin must confront a disturbing truth about himself that could make returning home even more dangerous than the Warplands themselves.

Their struggles place them at the center of a clash of cultures that will not only imperil their lives and souls but will shake the foundations of the Simonian Empire.

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Category: Dark Fantasy