The Wandering Isles

by C. L. Schneider

For the first time in his life, Ian Troy is a soldier without a war. Free to choose his own path, he sets out across the open sea with his friend and ally, Jarryd Kane. Both men long for a clean slate, a chance to leave the past behind. But as their ship arrives at a chain of mist-shrouded islands, the painful truth becomes clear: you can’t run from what’s inside you.

Coerced into a nefarious trade by the elusive islanders, Ian and Jarryd become unwitting subjects in a series of mind-bending trials. Past and future fears, resurrected and melded into their own private hells, force them to face an inescapable enemy—the darkest recesses of their own minds. The only way out is to complete the trade, but will their sanity survive the process?

Return to the world of The Crown of Stones Trilogy as the epic journey of Ian Troy continues in an all new sword and sorcery adventure!

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Category: Dark Fantasy