The Ventifact Colossus

by Dorian Hart

The archmage Abernathy can no longer keep the monstrous Emperor Naradawk at bay, and has summoned a collection of would-be heroes to assist him.

Surely he made a mistake. These can’t be the right people.

Dranko is a priest-turned-pickpocket, expelled from his church for his antics. Kibilhathur is a shy craftsman who speaks to stones. Aravia is a wizard’s apprentice whose intellect is eclipsed only by her arrogance. Ernest is a terrified baker’s son. Morningstar is a priestess forbidden from daylight. Tor is a young nobleman with attention issues. Ysabel is an elderly farm woman. Grey Wolf is a hard-bitten mercenary.

In this tale of grand adventure, the heroes will contest with dream warriors, evil cultists, sentient gemstones, and an infuriatingly polite gentleman with a perfect mustache, on their way to a desperate encounter with the unstoppable: The Ventifact Colossus.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic