The Vampire’s Executioner

by Isadora Brown

This case, if not solved, could kill off royal vampire legacy.

When Elizabeth Grant from the Nocturnal Defense Society is assigned to protect Nikolai Dragulia, she balks. Next in line to inherit the crown and rule over vampire society, he’s equal parts mysterious and brooding as he is arrogant prince. Being a royal babysitter is not what she signed up for, but as Lizzie delves deeper into possible suspects, she realizes this is so much more.

The last thing Nikolai Dragulia needs is a babysitter, even one as gorgeous as she is infuriating. But his life has been threatened, and as heir to a timeless legacy, Nikolai is forced to do what he must for his family, even if that means enduring Lizzie Grant and her salty attitude.

As familial bonds are tested, motives become clear and secrets are revealed, spelling danger for both Nikolai and Lizzie if they can’t learn to work together.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban