The Valkyrie’s Bond (Halfblood Rising #1)

by Lucy Roy

As a rare halfblood among a race of witches and shifters, Freya has enjoyed a quiet life among those who know little about her, as well as the freedom to make her own choices, a rare thing in her world.

When obligation arrives on her doorstep to remind her of promises made long ago, her quiet life comes to an end and she is taken to the capital city of Iladel to attend a prestigious royal academy, where appearances can be deceiving and connections are everything. There, she’ll be reunited with her old friend, Prince Aerelius, and begin to experience life at court in ways she never did as a girl.

As Freya and the prince dive into old routines and explore new feelings, they uncover the secrets and schemes that lurk below the court’s surface. When a secret is unveiled that changes everything, they must do all they can to ensure the safety of all they hold dear.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College