The Uprising

by David K. MacDowell

They said Stonecrusher casters lost their magic.

They’re about to find out how wrong they are.

It’s been decades since bloodthirsty elves invaded the dwarven stronghold of Clan Stonecrusher and slaughtered all but twenty-eight females and two baby boys.

Waldorf, Mallick, and the other surviving Stonecrusher dwarves were rescued and offered refuge by their rivals, Clan Brackenbuell.

But their salvation came at a heavy price.

After decades of indentured servitude, Waldorf and Mallick discover the truth.

When Waldorf stands as the champion of his people, a violent chain of events unfolds.

One act of courage led Waldorf’s destiny to reveal itself. With the aid of allies, enemies, and a mysterious prisoner, he and Mallick must follow the path set decades before to its conclusion or die in the attempt.

Can the dwarven duo restore their people’s freedom?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age