The Unknown Sun

by Cheryl S. Mackey

Her past.

Their present.

Skyfall’s future.

All three will be lost unless Moira finds the last immortals left in the world…The Unknown Sun.

Moira, Belamar, and Airi must repair a world on the brink of destruction by finding the missing immortals connected to Airi and Belamar’s mother, Tanari. When millennia old secrets about Moira’s past and Tanari’s emerge on the eve of a revolution, everything she knows and has come to love, including Belamar and Airi, will be destroyed unless she confronts her own fears and becomes who she was meant to be.

Even if she has no idea what that is.

Part 1 of an epic, romantic, swords and sorcery fantasy for fans of Elise Kova and Peter Wacht!

Love, loss, truth, lies, fate, and destiny are only a small part of the puzzle that has spanned millennia and now Moira must confront them all…Download The Unknown Sun and join their adventure to

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age