The Undying Viking

by I.C. Shadows

Modern-day everyman Markus Trygg lives, and quite enjoys, a relatively routine and mundane existence. But that won’t matter one bit when he’s forced to take part in an investigation looking into a trail of inexplicable mass deaths happening throughout Denmark.

Enter Holger the Dane, a savage barbarian with whom Markus shares nothing in common—except that only Markus can understand him. Together, the unlikely pair will battle an undead scourge, hellbent on some dark murderous purpose—and one that seems to center around a lone—and extraordinary—survivor.

Eventually, the quest to save his world will take them to Avalon, the land of magic, where Markus will come face-to-face with beasts and monsters of myth and legend. In order to survive, the ever-reluctant Markus will have no choice but to accept some hard truths not only about the world he lives in—but himself, as well.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

The Bloodless Witch

by I.C. Shadows

Months have passed since the events that turned Markus’s world upside down—and time has not been kind. Spending every waking moment running from visions that haunt his subconscious, Markus is a tortured shadow of his former self—until a person from his past returns with an offer he can’t refuse.

The hunt for Avalon will lead Markus to the ancient site of Glastonbury Tor, where a hidden pathway lies amidst the ruins. But Markus soon discovers he’s not alone in the search, pursued by top-secret entities seeking the entrance for themselves. And there are others still, a mysterious group of caretakers standing vigil over Glastonbury Tor, protecting the knowledge from all who ignore the ominous warnings.

Without the aid of Holger, who suffers a daily fate worse than death, Markus will travel into the unknown once more, searching for a way to restore Avalon, Dalia–and his own salvation.

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