The Twilight Flame

by Dylan McClintock

When Imsun Carr became a sorceress, she unknowingly sacrificed an important piece of herself.

Legend claims that the mythological waters of Aetudale restores what has been lost. Despite the myths and ridicules of others, Imsun embarks on a journey.

Along the way, she meets Sienna Tian, a victim of the savage and power-hungry country of Cegoven. They took her husband, ravaged her home, forcing her to flee for her life with her young son, Andor. All Sienna wants is for her family to be reunited and safe, but Sienna harbors a deadly secret. Imsun takes on the responsibility of protector, and they will stop at nothing to keep each other safe in the dark and dangerous world of Gryna.

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Category: Dark Fantasy