The Turning of the Wheel

by Jamie McNabb

The wheel of time keeps turning. It stops for no one.

Only heretics question the holy history—they question the presence of the ash.

Like Vlod’s father. The Mother Metropolitan had no choice but to execute him. The laws of the Inland Empire and the Holy Oregon demanded it. She burned him to ash for questioning the ash’s very presence.

And she will have no choice but to send her assassins after nine-year-old Vlod.

He could not prevent his father’s death. But Vlod will learn to fight so he can continue his father’s work.

Because the question remains: Where is the sacred ash?

The Turning of the Wheel, The Assassins of Harmony, Book 1, weaves a dystopian tale, set several centuries in the future, in which belief and necessity collide like unstoppable tidal waves.

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Category: Dark Fantasy