The Truth Beyond the Sky

by Andrew M. Crusoe

On the 12th anniversary of his mother’s disappearance, Zahn makes a trip up to the island summit — only to be awoken by a brilliant object thundering down from the sky, setting off a chain of events that takes him face to face with a living starship and its cryptic pilot. For the first time, Zahn has the chance to learn the fate of his mother.

Now bound for the galactic core, he encounters the Vakragha, a species bent on consuming the largest prey: entire stars. And to Zahn’s horror, he learns that they’re heading toward his home. Only the Tulari, a stone that can heal the wounds they cut into space, offers any hope.

But saving his world isn’t all he has to worry about. Just when Zahn lands on a moon the Vakragha stole, he makes a breakthrough, finally learning his mother’s true fate. Now he is faced with a heartbreaking decision that could either save his world or doom it forever.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure