The Troubleshooter: Four Shots

by Lewis Knight

Being the private eye of the future ain’t easy … especially when you got a bad case of amnesia and a bad habit of stumbling into trouble. But the rent’s gotta be paid and booze ain’t for free, so Mick Trubble solves problems. When folks find themselves in a particular type of bind, they don’t run to the cops. They find themselves a Troubleshooter.

Whether it’s an airship deal gone sour, an affair with a mysterious and beautiful gambler, a missing person’s case, or just a good ol’ fashioned revenge job, Mick is your man. Four Shots is a collection of the first four Troubleshooter short works.

Set in a dystopian future where residents live in city-sized Havens, this futuristic thrill ride is a blend of Blade Runner, Ghost in a Shell, and a dash of Casablanca thrown in for good measure. Pick up your copy today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian