The Trouble with Podoks

by Chet Novicki

Unfortunately for Podoks, those strange aliens from the planet Pode, their edible tails are the tastiest and most expensive food items in our galaxy.
When his new Podok friend is kidnapped for his valuable tail, Roger Denton, Assistant Professor of Off-World Cultures at the Pacific Institute of Technology in Honolulu, blames himself, for it was his suggestion of a late-night outing that led to the kidnapping.
Now, with wiley kidnappers, an uncaring police department and time working against him, Roger must locate and rescue his Podok friend before that friend’s tail ends up a delicacy in a local meat market.
A funny and extremely fast-paced adventure with likable characters, set in Hawaii in the year 2111. American English. Complete story (no cliffhanger). 67,000 words. If you like adventures with lots of laughs, you’ll really like this!
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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure