The Trials of the Core

by Michael E. Thies

Destiny calls to them all. Only one can seize it…

Prince Hydro Paen longs for adventure. So when the Guardian of the Core announces a contest to become his apprentice, the young man leaps at the invitation to participate. Determined to uphold the family legacy, he swears not to fail.

Orphaned underdog Eirek Mourse doesn’t believe he’ll amount to much, so he’s shocked to be granted acceptance into the Guardian’s Trials. But without any skills in combat, he has no idea how he will survive.

Zain Berrese is a haunted man. Convinced he’s responsible for his girlfriend’s death, he longs to make amends by becoming the next Guardian. Hoping to outdo his adopted brother, he’s crushed when he accidentally kills his sibling just before the games begin.

Will one of these would-be heroes find the inner strength and wisdom to emerge a champion before they all perish?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Curse of Pirini Lilapa

by Michael E. Thies

The Trials have concluded.

Since its conclusion, Hydro, Eirek, and Zain have gone their separate paths, thinking each other a distant memory. However, fate has other plans.

Zain’s quest to heal a broken friendship challenges his ability to lead. It requires him to make amends with his past demons, and to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Hydro’s journey to discover more information on his necklace leads him to a mysterious woman who challenges the very fiber of his identity.

And Eirek’s training pushes him to shed his shell of inferiority for one hardened confidence if he wishes to survive the rigors of his apprenticeship.

All, however, travel and train under the ever watchful gaze of the suns which draw closer to their convergence. To an event infamous for bringing bad luck, sorrow, and pain. To an event that occurs every 150 years. To an event known as Pirini Lilapa.

Previously $3.99