The Tollkeeper

by Mark R. Vickers

The Tollkeeper is a fantasy novel narrated by an ancient toll collector who tells two intertwined stories, an epic coming-of-age story and a modern Florida mystery. A half-troll, Hallr has never fit in, leaving him cynical and satirical. His story begins when a Viking-age clan captures him. Through a series of adventures, he transforms himself from thrall to warrior to wealthy, Icelandic landowner. He nearly finds peace of mind, until he is shipwrecked in the Americas.

In modern times, he just wants to be left alone in his comfortable, dead-end job, but fate has other plans for him. He is reluctantly drawn into a mystery of cosmic proportions, one involving three powerful women living along a spring in the backwoods of Florida. They need his help, will not take “no” for an answer, and so involve him in one of strangest and most rollicking hero’s quests of all time.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure