The Time Bubble Box Set: Books 1-5

by Jason Ayres

Time travel fans will love this innovative and bestselling series – now available in this handy collection which contains the first five Time Bubble books.

1) The Time Bubble
The story begins as Charlie and Josh discover a time portal in a railway underpass which transports those who enter forward in time.

2) Global Cooling
Ten years after the events of The Time Bubble, the world is gripped by a catastrophic climate event. Can time travel provide an escape?

3) Man out of Time
A victim of The Time Bubble finds himself thrust twenty-two years into a future where he’s been declared legally dead.

4) Splinters in Time
Josh has perfected the art of time travel – until an accident sends him backwards in time on a nightmarish journey through a series of alternate universes.

5) Class of ’92
A man from the 21st Century finds himself stranded in the pre-internet culture of 1992.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel