The Third Kind of Magic

by Elizabeth Forest

Can one twelve-year-old girl fight a witch?

Exiled from her village for accidentally using advanced magic, Suli must either become a wise woman or be shunned as a witch.

She’s apprenticed to the wise woman Tala, but Suli’s magical education is cut short when a witch kidnaps her teacher to learn the secret of shape-shifting.

Suli discovers she too has inherited the shape-shifting ability, and even without her teacher, learns to fly and to talk to animals.

Then the witch asks Suli to make a terrible choice: Suli must live with the witch as her apprentice, or she’ll never see Tala again.

But if she agrees, she’ll be called a witch for the rest of her life.

“The two things I dreamed of doing as a child were to fly and to talk to animals. This marvelous children’s book brought this reader back to that happiest of times when everything was possible and wishes could come true.” Ginny Rorby

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Cursed Amulet

by Elizabeth Forest

Fourteen-year-old Suli must stop the most powerful witch her country has ever seen. If she doesn’t, her country will starve, her animal friends may die, and wise women’s magic will be lost forever.

Suli is bored with being her village’s wise woman. Invited to travel with the wild geese, she cuts her journey short to save a young girl from being beaten. The leader of the wild geese advises her to return home; a strange illness is spreading among animals. The cause is magical, only the wise women can stop it.

Arta, the girl Suli saved, knows something Suli doesn’t. The Prime Minister is imprisoning wise women and using witchcraft to control his soldiers. This misuse of magic threatens the entire country.

Animals are dying. Wise women’s magic is disappearing. Even with the help of animal allies, can Suli stop the Prime Minister and restore magic to her country when her own magic is gone?

Previously $4.99