The Third Dragon War

by Bruno Flexer

The first installment in the Third Dragon War series!
Something sweeps over the Chicago skyline. Something ominous. Something violent.
Something Big.
Jamar Jackson is trying to make his delivery deadlines over the Illinois Interstate when he’s caught in a gargantuan fire consuming its way towards the Windy City.
Just barely making it out alive, Jackson joins forces with biotechnology expert Dr. Beverly Thompson, head of a US military task force investigating what turned the Chicago metropolitan area into a fiery warzone.
As droves of dragons take over the city, Jackson and Thompson’s team is surrounded by hellish mythical creatures, mutating monstrosities, and bizarre dragon cultists. Harboring dark secrets of their own, the unlikely pair make their perilous way into downtown Chicago, where long-lost answers await them.
Answers that will shake the very foundation of the world.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery