The Thing in the Woods

by Matthew W Quinn

James Daly, an unwilling transplant from Atlanta to small-town Edington, can’t wait until he turns 18 and can leave forever. But when a local boy challenges him to an ATV race in the sinister woods near a tree farm, he won’t back down and lose face.

Then his challenger is eaten alive in front of him by a tentacled horror. This abomination has been worshiped by a secretive coven since before the Civil War, a coven that doesn’t like its secrets threatened.

With the aid of a renegade cultist and a local girl he doesn’t like liking, James must do battle to avoid being bound to a picnic table and offered to a monster. He must face both the cultists and their predatory master, THE THING IN THE WOODS

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion