The Terran Menace

by J.R. Robertson

Ben Hutchins buried his anger to survive. Stranded on a ravaged Earth after a devastating alien annihilation, the haunted young man has nothing except his late father’s cutting-edge exo-suit and a veteran soldier for company. But when he uncovers the truth about his armored prototype, he unwittingly paints a target on his back for those who seek humanity’s destruction.
Forced to flee the attacks, Ben can feel the rage and resentment building as he discovers he might be humanity’s only weapon against utter extinction. But with his abilities fueled by fury, saving the human race may mean becoming a monster.
Can Ben save his people without losing his soul?
The Terran Menace is the action-packed first book in the Terran Menace series. If you like gripping action scenes, jaw-dropping reveals, and learning the cost of war, then you’ll love J.R. Robertson’s military sci-fi epic!

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Category: Science Fiction – Military