The Tales of Aylfenhame Compendium

by Charlotte E. English

Sometimes love waits a world away, and happiness must be fought for.

In the year 1811, impassable barriers separate the world of carriages, battles and bonnets from the world of witches, goblins and fae.

Until the Solstice comes. Then the walls fall, and anyone may pass out of England and into Aylfenhame…

Three courageous heroines will take that step. Sophy Landon, impoverished and alone; Isabel Ellerby, trapped by the prospect of an unwelcome marriage; and Bessie Bell, a mistreated housemaid.

But courage brings its own rewards. Curses, betrayals and a dark history may wait in the realm of the fae, but so do adventure, and magic, and dreams.

And for those with heart enough, true love.

These are stories of the road to happiness, winding though it may be. Of a brightness in the sky on the darkest of days, and above all: of love, and its power to change everything.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical