The Swallowed World — Book One: The Eternal Season

by Tyler Bumpus

THE SWALLOWED WORLD—a bold new futurist saga. At the crossroads of innovation and collapse, genius and madness, humankind faces the ultimate trial to which all must submit: Transformation or extinction. From literary to science fiction, horror to allegory, the apocalyptic to the mythic—this multi-volume epic is a window into a truly alien future civilization; deep in world building, rich in character, breathtaking in scope.

BOOK ONE of The Swallowed World saga opens some fifty years after the Great Rift that shattered the continent, when America is again uncharted and wild. At civilization’s edge, the drowned peninsula once known as Florida, a world-weary outlaw finds himself smuggling the one cargo he never dreamed he’d possess—the future of the human race.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic