The Sunless Hours of Forever

by Greg Cmiel

There is no sunrise. There is no sunset. There is only the bottomless mine of Darkhán, a pitch-black pit that has not seen a ray of sunlight in a million years.
Laz is jolted from bed every morning and spends his days toiling in the deep—hard labor that defines the lives of the Tána.
The Tána slave for the Solaré elite that reside in Citadel Sol, a golden metropolis overflowing with treasure beyond imagination and bathed in permanent sunshine.
Laz, and his best friend Dru, scavenge through the mounds left by the crusher machines, searching for a legendary grade eleven crystalline starlight oval. A precious jewel to buy passage to Citadel Sol.
As Laz schemes a way forward, old legends are upended, alliances tested, and a new reality comes crashing down.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure