The Sundered Crown Saga

by M.S. Olney

The complete first trilogy of the epic Sundered Crown Saga.
The Royal Family of the Kingdom of Delfinnia is assassinated sparking a conflict that engulfs the realm in the War of the Six Claimants. Amongst the chaos dark things are stirring. In the mountainous lands of Eclin, the evil N’gist cult rises as it sets its plans into motion. Opposing them is a range of heroes; Luxon Edioz the first wizard seen in an age, Ferran of BlackMoor a legendary monster killer, Sophia Cunning a retired witch hunter and Kaiden a noble Knight of the order of Niveren. The Sundered Crown Saga is a tale of magic, monsters and epic battles.

Heir to the Sundered Crown
War for the Sundered Crown
Quest for the Sundered Crown
The Nightblade (A tale of Delfinnia)
The World of Esperia

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Category: Fantasy – Epic