The Submerged Fire

by Sture Henckel

Hunted by the Magician Ruler and his weaponized magic, Niko and Stella must work together to survive. But will they have the skill and courage to change the rules of the game?

Niko has dreamt of learning magic all his life, and now he’s got this strange book in his hands. But being a mere commoner, he risks the death penalty just by looking for someone who can interpret the text.

Stella is a maid but also a blacksmith by secret training. She despises all talk of magic but realizes that this book is beyond even the mighty magicians.

To unlock its mysteries, they must work together. But in their quest, they become embroiled in a life and death struggle. And the Lord Ruler will use any power to stop those who challenge his monopoly on magic.

To survive, they must now face their own delusions and discern the true forces that run the world.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age