The Stones of Valtara

by Christopher Clargo

When Tarek recites the mythical tale of the Bwgan in his tavern, he has no clue his words foretell of the cataclysmic fate about to befall his village. For the terror that inspired the Bwgan now lurks outside the walls, controlled by a warband of fanatical warriors, known as the Mendari.

Fleeing with his family, Tarek encounters the ruthless leader of the Mendari, Kaine. As Tarek’s idyllic world shatters, Kaine forces him to confront the dark secrets of his former life. For Tarek has another name—a name granted to him by King Rodric Shieldbane, sworn enemy of the Mendari. He is Grimbard: disgraced champion and betrayer of the assassinated queen.

Kaine forces Tarek to return to his homeland and embark on a treacherous, kingdom-collapsing mission that leads to one place—the Stones of Valtara and Kaine’s revenge. If Tarek fails, he’ll lose the only thing worth living for—his son.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic