The Stone of Knowing Complete Set

by Allan N. Packer

A talisman that unmasks thoughts, desires, deepest secrets. The fate of kingdoms depends on mastering and protecting it…
The tranquil world of young Thomas Stablehand ends when he finds an unusual stone. With the minds of others laid bare, he eagerly indulges his curiosity. But seeing into minds isn’t what Thomas expected. And trouble has only begun.
When invaders attack the kingdom, Thomas turns to his friend Will Prentis, an able and driven leader in the king’s army. Will is fearless, and where he leads men follow.
With the kingdom on the brink, Will leads a small band to thwart the invaders. Fearing discovery, Thomas flees with them.
But dangerous enemies seek the stone. As Will faces a ruthless opponent with a hidden purpose, Thomas must decide what price he’s willing to pay to protect the stone and the kingdom.
The odds are hopeless. The stakes are higher than anyone knows.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic