The Stefan Mendoza Trilogy Boxed Set

by P R Adams

Assassin. Cyborg. Avenger.
Stefan Mendoza spent his life doing the government’s dirty work until he was double-crossed by one of his own.
When a traitor betrays Mendoza’s black-ops team, only he can push through the torture and escape. But he has to put dreams of revenge on the back burner, because the world has changed while he’s been out of circulation. To survive, he must tap into his underground network.
Mendoza’s quest for vengeance pits him against assassins of every stripe. He quickly discovers that relying on the trust he spent decades building could be fatal. Betrayal, corruption, and a labyrinth of conspiracies threaten not just his quest for revenge but his chance at winning his freedom.
The Stefan Mendoza Trilogy is a high-octane cyberpunk techno-thriller you won’t easily forget. Complex conspiracies and intrigue combine to make an immersive, noir-style sci-fi world.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk