The Spirit of Cahir Mullach

by Clayton J. Callahan

The legend of Lord Oisin was well known in Balie. His heroic defense of the town against the Viking raiders was the stuff of story and song. And, it was said that his spirit still dwells within the ruins of his great castle, Cahir Mullach.

But in more modern times, war seems less heroic. Thousands of unnamed redcoats are now returning from the ill-fated American War, one Michael Snodgrass included.

Unwanted by a country that wishes to forget defeat, he now marches across Ireland at an indifferent King’s bidding.

And when a cantankerous bureaucrat sends poor Michael to be quartered in the ruins of Cahir Mullach, he has no choice but to obey…and neither does his host. For the King’s law is clear and any subject must make welcome a soldier who holds an official billet in hand…to include a subject now eight hundred years dead.

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History