The Spellborn and the Dragons

by Cassandra Key

A secret society. An ancient foe. The fate of the dragons hangs in the balance.

Two humans, two dragons, a mage, an elf, and a dwarf. The Circle of Seven has protected Dracoterra from power hungry wizards for over a century. But when the wizards send a cunning emissary through the shield, the last of the dragons are once again in danger. And if the wizards eliminate them, the whole world will suffer.

The Circle prepares for war, but their foe has something different in mind. He lurks in corners and attacks from shadows. What devious trap is he setting? And how can the Circle stop him when they don’t know where he is?

Can the Circle of Seven protect Dracoterra from this new threat? Or will history repeat itself, taking the last of the dragons with it?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic