The Spark Anomaly

by Jeffrey Freedman

Cathy Fisher, a shy college student, receives an unusual homework assignment: Explain why two earthquakes would occur forty-two minutes apart in both China and Chile. Cathy is unaware that her professor Arnold Spark, is using her insightful answers to save the world.

Spark enlists the help of Soona, a lonely lunar robot who must escape her cruel human captors to search for answers on the comet Charybdis.

After a desperate attempt to rescue his team from a lava engulfed volcanic power generator, Spark, wonders if his design is to blame for the catastrophe. Hunted by a mysterious unseen enemy, Spark searches the globe for the apocalyptic truth.

Set in a 2067 utopia with a hidden dark side, The Spark Anomaly provides a unique juxtaposition of a thrilling sci-fi adventure with the drama of college life.

An action filled SciFi adventure with engineering based future technologies.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure