The Sorcerers’ Castle

by Allen Houston

Five unruly heroes and a world teetering on Armageddon – what could go wrong?

A bad-tempered elf, charismatic roguish, empathic naiad, innocent farm girl, and fierce Asidi are all that stand in the way of the return of Alaric, an evil necromancer banished to a rift world decades before.

If they fail to stop him, his cult of followers will rise again and upend the uneasy truce between the magical species and humans on Myriad, leading to a cataclysmic war.

Before they do that, the unlikely heroes must survive the ominous Sorcerers’ Castle, a horde of demonic beasts, murderers on the loose, and each other.

Disclaimer: This book contains adult situations, mature content, a smattering of dark humor, and loads of page-turning fun.

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Category: Dark Fantasy