The Son of the Morning

by Jacob Peppers

When the heroes meant to defend the world from darkness are unable to help, who will stand against the rising shadows?
Creatures lurk in the darkness, monsters out of legend, hungry for blood, ambushing any unfortunate or foolish enough to leave the light behind. They are called nightlings. They came once before, were defeated only at great cost by men and women given magical powers by the gods themselves.
Now, the nightlings have returned, but the Chosen who once defeated them are old and tired, shadows of what they once were.
And so, new champions must be Chosen. A castle servant many believe to be cursed, a musician and singer who wields her talent like a weapon, and a nobleman with a dark secret and the gods’ own luck.
These three chosen warriors will stand against creatures out of nightmare, against men and even gods who serve the Darkness.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic