The Snow Chanter

by Linda Nagata

Generations past, disaster drove the people to seek a new home on a wild continent that had never before known a human presence. Spirits of wind, stream, forest, and mist inhabit this land. Siddél is the most powerful among them—and he despises all people. He has resolved to drive them from the land and for this purpose he created the arowl—mad, ravening beasts with an unquenchable hunger, craving human flesh above all else. Bennek is one of a trio of young warriors, all skilled at hunting arowl—though they long for greater deeds. Together they set off to find the fabled Snow Chanter—a nature spirit who might aid them in their quest to restore balance to the world. As they venture north into a wild and forbidden land, they chance to meet a strange young woman—a sorceress, with ambitions even greater than their own.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic