The Snakesblood Saga Collection (Books 1-3 Box Set)

by Beth Alvarez

The gift of magic can save countless lives—or shatter them completely.

As a student of healing magic, Firal knows the risks better than most, but nothing could prepare her for meeting Daemon, a monster corrupted by the wild magic he couldn’t control.

His only desire is mastery of the power that ruined him. Hers is learning the truth of her heritage. Both hold the potential to aid the other’s goal, but as the secrets behind his exile and her mother’s disappearance begin to unravel, their uneasy alliance unleashes a force that could shatter the world.

This collection contains three full-length novels featuring magic, action, intrigue, and slow-burn romance.

Books included:

1. Serpent’s Mark (Winner of 2022 Darrell Award for Best Novel)
2. Serpent’s Tears
3. Serpent’s Bane

Previously $9.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic