The Slightly Altered History of Cascadia

by Linda B Myers

“Humans are imperfect fabrications, nasty as wolverines even when their bellies are full. They are angry with each other in ways that mystify every Presence here. Do something!” And so, the humanoid spirit Cascadia is created to find the problem with people and clean up what the gods have screwed up. This fantasy is part myths and legends, part paranormal and all fun.

To prepare for life among humans, Cascadia learns the use of lust from Helen of Troy and the art of the knife from Jim Bowie. Other gods and historic humans teach her more skills. Along with help from her human familiar, a magic blade, a flying bear and a logging horse named Blue, Cascadia takes on a serial killer, ends the traffic in bear gall bladders, and leads a war in the woods against slavery that one survivalist group is inflicting. Will Cascadia create a better human or will the gods scrap the whole damn planet?

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History