The Skin of Her Teeth

by Vykky LaVecchia

It’s been less than a year since Silvia Amichi found out the things that go bump in the night are real. On her way home from the main faction of vampires, she’s abducted by a vampire clan that rarely listens to the main faction. She find out that certain vampires that she put her trust in was misplaced and they rolled her. Does she want to use the “Get out of this whole vampire mess free card” and leave this whole vampire world behind? Otherwise, she’ll be thrown into gladiatorial-like fights and if she wants to try to make it home by this route, it’s going to take more than her fighting prowess to win. Will Silvia find a way to overcome her odds; will she be stuck in the sexist compound for the rest of her human life or will she chose to be free of this immortal plan?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban